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cisagovbot 2b8772e6f0 Normalize YAML files and update the software lists 1 month ago
justmurphy 25b9106f7a
Merge pull request #520 from inl-ics/develop 1 month ago
justmurphy 4945399551
Split fixed and affected 1 month ago
justmurphy cd4f252c92
Merge branch 'develop' into develop 1 month ago
Nick 83183b8b13
Merge pull request #521 from cisagov/lineage/skeleton 1 month ago
Nicholas McDonnell 6d39743372
Enable Dependabot ignore directives 1 month ago
Nicholas McDonnell 6767ea9d93
Merge github.com:cisagov/skeleton-generic into lineage/skeleton 1 month ago
Nick 4215ba378e
Merge pull request #109 from cisagov/improvement/add_github_actions_pre-commit_hooks 1 month ago
Nicholas McDonnell 49d87d40e4
Add pre-commit hooks to validate GitHub Actions content 2 months ago
Nick da532a590f
Merge pull request #105 from cisagov/maintenance/update_pre-commit_hooks 2 months ago
Nick 57d6ac04b0
Merge branch 'develop' into maintenance/update_pre-commit_hooks 2 months ago
Nick 504ed9ed45
Merge pull request #106 from cisagov/improvement/use_python_3.10_for_gha 2 months ago
Nick 14aff9cadc
Merge branch 'develop' into improvement/use_python_3.10_for_gha 2 months ago
Nick d168151a3c
Merge pull request #104 from cisagov/dependabot/github_actions/actions/cache-3 2 months ago
Nick a9c93d0ff9
Merge pull request #107 from cisagov/improvement/add_dependabot_ignores_for_github_actions 2 months ago
Nick 496ea93027
Merge branch 'develop' into improvement/add_dependabot_ignores_for_github_actions 2 months ago
dependabot[bot] c576ef56fb
Bump actions/cache from 2 to 3 2 months ago
Nick e190ae75db
Merge pull request #102 from cisagov/dependabot/github_actions/actions/checkout-3 2 months ago
Nick 6869c6830f
Merge branch 'develop' into dependabot/github_actions/actions/checkout-3 2 months ago
Nick a3f12f43b3
Merge pull request #101 from cisagov/dependabot/github_actions/actions/setup-python-3 2 months ago
inl-ics fbc155060e
Added Mitsubishi Electric 2 months ago
Nicholas McDonnell e22c12cbd4
Use consistent quoting for software versions 2 months ago
Nicholas McDonnell 583992602c
Upgrade from Python 3.9 to 3.10 for the `lint` job in GHA 2 months ago
Nicholas McDonnell 511a37cf1e
Add Dependabot ignore directives 2 months ago
Nicholas McDonnell 9a0380870c
Update pre-commit hooks 2 months ago
cisagovbot ff4c3a524c Normalize YAML files and update the software lists 2 months ago
justmurphy 3e8b964abd
Merge pull request #518 from cisagov/update-C 2 months ago
justmurphy b04121a067
Merge branch 'develop' into update-C 2 months ago
justmurphy 0dacbe9c78
Finish Cisco unaffected products 2 months ago
justmurphy 376a1b4424
Add Cisco products unaffected up to Wireless 2 months ago
dependabot[bot] 3406c2d420
Bump actions/checkout from 2 to 3 2 months ago
justmurphy 00ff05db66
Add Cisco unaffected products up to UC 2 months ago
justmurphy 20c60670bd
Add Cisco products through R&S-SmB 2 months ago
justmurphy debe95d0c2
Add Cisco products through NM&P 2 months ago
justmurphy a1fbeba030
Add Cisco products unaffected Modeling Labs 2 months ago
justmurphy 85e6f74c24
Add Cisco unaffected products to NM&P 2 months ago
justmurphy 51026b7b52
Add Cisco affected/fixed products complete 2 months ago
justmurphy 36021ee467
Add Cisco products affected/fixed to Unified 2 months ago
justmurphy 536931bd52
Fix missing ' 3 months ago
justmurphy 02ba0d4565
Add Cisco affected/fixed products to Routing 3 months ago
justmurphy 6bb7d9e7ca
Remove obsolete Cisco entries 3 months ago
justmurphy e29a2adbc9
Add CIS products 3 months ago
justmurphy 2be2880d1f
Add Chef products 3 months ago
justmurphy 51c8c41088
Add C products through Chatsworth 3 months ago
justmurphy 22a59c4c62
Fix trailing ws 3 months ago
justmurphy fa385e78c8
Update Carbon Black entries 3 months ago
cisagovbot ce449abb29 Normalize YAML files and update the software lists 3 months ago
justmurphy a9e36a1354
Merge pull request #513 from cisagov/update_B 3 months ago
justmurphy d7237b123a
Merge branch 'develop' into update_B 3 months ago
cisagovbot b7d9f75a61 Normalize YAML files and update the software lists 3 months ago