Update actions/setup-go from v2 to v3

Additionally as of v3.1.0 of actions/setup-go there is a go-version
output value to retrieve the version of Go installed by the Action.
This allows us to remove the step to manually retrieve this information
from the Go executable.
Nicholas McDonnell 2 years ago
parent 4215ba378e
commit 57b4abe8fd
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@ -26,14 +26,10 @@ jobs:
python-version: "3.10"
# We need the Go version and Go cache location for the actions/cache step,
# so the Go installation must happen before that.
- uses: actions/setup-go@v2
- id: setup-go
uses: actions/setup-go@v3
go-version: "1.16"
- name: Store installed Go version
id: go-version
run: |
echo "::set-output name=version::"\
"$(go version | sed 's/^go version go\([0-9.]\+\) .*/\1/')"
- name: Lookup Go cache directory
id: go-cache
run: |
@ -42,7 +38,7 @@ jobs:
BASE_CACHE_KEY: "${{ github.job }}-${{ runner.os }}-\
py${{ steps.setup-python.outputs.python-version }}-\
go${{ steps.go-version.outputs.version }}-\
go${{ steps.setup-go.outputs.go-version }}-\
packer${{ steps.setup-env.outputs.packer-version }}-\
tf${{ steps.setup-env.outputs.terraform-version }}-"