Roundcube Docker image that supports plugins
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Roundcube Image

This image is derived from the Instrumentisto Roundcube Image

It works in everything like the parent image, being the main difference that you can add plugins to be installed at boot time in the file /app/composer.json. Basically, what I do, is to create a Docker Config with the composer.json content and mount it on the unformentioned directory. Something like this:

    - source: composer
      target: /app/composer.json

This way, you can install the plugins you want for your Roundcube instalation.

If the installed plugins need some configuration files, you can place them under /plugins_config/. So,for example, if your authres_status plugin needs a configuration file (Hint: it does), you can place it on /plugins_config/authres_status/config.php and the startup script will take care of the rest.

Quick Reference